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  Stuck at home? Living the quarantined life during coronavirus Covid-19 era? We’re all experiencing this differently but we are all experiencing it together. Our normal lives have been changed by coronavirus but that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy our time at home. Since a good amount of us are spending so much time at […]

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How to Still Celebrate your Wedding During the Coronavirus Covid-19  Pandemic   Don’t just stand there crying that you didn’t get to celebrate your original day. Cry because you are celebrating your original wedding date! It has taken months to plan your dream wedding. Your reality of your vision was just days or weeks away. […]

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Being in a relationship is a journey in itself. In both travel and love, you must be open to new experiences. Each relationship and each journey is unique and must be explored and travelled through differently. However, there is a common factor to be able to enjoy each passage–willingness to be vulnerable. Vulnerability, to yourself, […]

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If you live in the northern United States, most likely, you have photographed or will photograph in the cold. Quite a few brides and grooms just can’t keep away from the frosty air. The thought of sweating in the a long thick wedding gown or in a 3 piece suit, in the smoldering sun, just […]

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