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As I sit here in my yoga pants and high bun, I am excited to share the new changes, and growth happening here at Jane D. Martinez Photography! It has been about a year since I launched my first website for JDMP! Since that time, my knowledge has expanded with online courses, photoshoots, experimenting in lightroom […]

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When will you be ready to open up that business you’ve been dreaming of? When will you be able to quit that job that you don’t enjoy, to do something more meaningful? When will you stop dreaming and start pursuing?   Two years ago, I went to buy a car and I asked the sales […]

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If you live in the northern United States, most likely, you have photographed or will photograph in the cold. Quite a few brides and grooms just can’t keep away from the frosty air. The thought of sweating in the a long thick wedding gown or in a 3 piece suit, in the smoldering sun, just […]

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    It is no shocker that starting your own photography business… wait! Scratch that! Starting a business, ANY business is difficult and will continuously challenge you. From the very first thought of a business, all the way through to the first anniversary, to the fifth and even the tenth anniversary, there are constant changes […]

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My love for the arts has been with me since I was in diapers! Wow! Did I just say that?! How cliché! Oh well, it’s so true! I experimented with different genres; from drawing, to painting with various mediums, to distinct photography methods, and even digital media. It took me even longer to stumble upon […]

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Based in Northern New Jersey or wherever your celebration is. I love to travel anywhere I can shoot beautiful-souled people having the time of their damn lives.