I am Jane

Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Life inspires me to spread joy through my photographs and to remind people to smile because it’s a new day! When I am not behind the camera, you can catch me traveling with my little side-kick or working as a gymnastics coach, encouraging young boys and girls to not only be a better athlete but to be a better little human/friend. 

On most days, you can find me at home with my son, Davian, having dance parties or working on his latest in-home science projects. The best part of having a mini-me is, he is constantly challenging me.

Personal Jams
Beach / Mountains
Secret Talent
Guilty Pleasure
Alternate Job

Celine Dion
Trick question - both!
Master dodgeball player
Grey's Anatomy
Gymnastics coach

Just a few of the things that are prominently featured in my life.

You'll find me at the beach

It's my happy place, and I'm never more at peace than when the breeze hits my soul.

Colorful hands make me happy

Creating things is something I enjoy to my core. I have other creative outlets that I enjoy on my free time.

I have one cool kid

I know I'm biased when I say this but if you meet my son, you will see that I really do have a cool kid!

I love traveling the world

From the cities of China to to the caves of California, it's fun to explore new places. 

I believe

Love is all you need.         and a great dance party!

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