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Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Don’t let my RBF fool you! Just say hello, and I will greet you with my ever-famous smile that rivals the Joker (minus the lipstick). I am known for my really long-big hair and random humor. A woman who is not much of a home body but instead enjoys exploring the world or simply having a great time with her awesome friends. My friends can always count on me to be present, but more importantly, if they ever run out of chap stick or floss, I got that covered! 

On most days, you can find me at home with my son, Davian, having dance parties or working on his latest in-home science projects. The best part of having a mini-me is, he is constantly challenging me.

Life inspires me to spread joy through my photographs and to remind people to smile because it’s a new day! When I am not working behind the camera, you can catch me traveling with my little side-kick or working as a gymnastics coach, encouraging young boys and girls to not only be better athletes but to be a better little human/friend. 

Personal Jams
Beach / Mountains
Secret Talent
Guilty Pleasure
Alternate Job

Celine Dion
Trick question - both!
Master dodgeball player
Grey's Anatomy
Gymnastics coach


He may give me gray hair but he keeps my soul young! My little scientist, is my mini-sidekick that keeps me on my toes and won’t ever deny me a random dance party. Life with Davian is an adventure in itself.

My son, Davian


Like the sounds of kicked rocks, and the sounds of crashing waves, painting calms me and excites me in the same breath. Painting is what turned me into a true artist. At first, there were so many rules I was forced to learn, but I learned them only to break them.

Art + Painting


I was the girl you would see climbing up trees, hopping over fences, and standing ON TOP of the playground set instead of playing IN them. The only obvious thing to do was enroll into gymnastics! Talk about life changing! My second year in the sport I was co-captain and shortly after started my career as a coach.



Let’s talk about igniting your soul and expanding your knowledge! I am grateful to have traveled to nine countries. Traveling allows me to see the world outside my little corner of New Jersey. From hiking and snow boarding in natures’ mountains, to sifting my toes through tropical beaches, to trying new foods that make my taste buds dance! 



What makes my heart

Just a few of the things that are prominently featured in my life.

I believe

Love is all you need.         and a great dance party!

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